90 years of innovative solutions

Lux is in many ways a typical family business, something we are especially proud of. Our history dates from 1909 and the company was formally established in 1931. At the present time the fourth generation is working for the company.

Our main business areas are in the foundry and metal processing industries. We do also serve the needs of the ceramic, electronic and process industries. Additionally, our suppliers provide interesting products that can be used in a variety of environmental applications and material handling. Our customers are located in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Germany, the Baltic States and Russia. The ever increasing international trade provides for the development of our performance and creates opportunities for improving our customer service.

At Lux, we have always emphasized strong process knowledge. Therefore, we have focused on industries where we have prerequisites to help our customers. The most inspiring thing is to get a really challenging task to work on, and to try to find the optimal solution together with the customer. By combining our own expertise with the knowledge of the customer, and our suppliers, and combining these with our high quality products, we have been able to improve our customers’ productivity and reduce their problems. Such success always feels highly rewarding!

Another advantage that we are emphasizing is the reliability of our deliveries. Thanks to our efficient logistics, we ensure that our customers receive the correct products at the right time. To ensure quick deliveries, we keep our key products in our warehouse, from which they can be shipped to the customer the same day.

As a well-established family business, we see the longevity of the company to be assured. I think this is important for both our customers and our suppliers. In the future, our activities abroad will further increase. As the company expands, we will pay special attention to development our staffs’ expertise, which is an essential for ensuring a high level of customer service, something we are very keen about.