Our office in Leppävaara (Espoo)

Tulkinkuja 3
FI-02650 Espoo
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You reach us at the office on weekdays between
08.00 and 16.30 (CET+1)

Phone +358 9 622 0550
Fax +358 9 622 0551
Business ID FI01110359

Conditions of Sale

Lux complies with the General Conditions of Sale
issued by The Association of Finnish Technical

Our warehouse in Nurmijärvi

Kuusimäentie 2
FI-01900 Nurmijärvi
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Our warehouse is serving you on weekdays
08.30 to 16.30 (CET+1)

Phone +358 9 854 3401
Fax +358 9 852 1357

Download the Conditions of Sale here.


Marcus Nybergh
Sales and Technical Support, foundries

Phone +358 9 6220 5566
Mobile phone +358 50 556 7030
Languages Finnish, Swedish, English, German, French

Marcus represents the fourth generation in the family business. A  M.Sc. in material technology together with a versatile career. He enjoys the different elements of nature, most often by biking, hiking or skiing.

Contact: Foundries in Finland and the other Scandinavian countries, machine projects and spare parts

Matti Vaajamo
Sales and Technical Support, metal production and process industries

Phone +358 9 6220 5569
Mobile phone +358 44 544 9385
Languages Finnish, English, Swedish, Savo

Our own hair model with a M.Sc. in Hydrometallurgy has a positive attitude towards work and life showing an incomprehensible sense of humour. Since Matti has worked in steel, copper, aluminium and precious metals smelteries he has hands-on experience in metals and mineral production. One of his favorite hobbies is to find new ways to utilize industrial waste streams and residues.

Contact: Solutions and products to metals and minerals production, EIRICH preparation technology, TENMAT High Temperature Materials, TRB Refractory Products

Jaakko Helleranta
Sales and Technical Support, surface treatment

Phone +358 9 6220 5570
Mobile phone +358 40 850 6260
Languages Finnish, English, Swedish, Spanish

Jaakko has experienced the most challenging conditions around the world. Being an eager choir singer, he has been seen in all central concert venues around the world.

Contact: Steel and other abrasives, Phenics-concept, shotblasting equipment and spare parts and paints for industrial applications.

Lars-Henrik Nybergh
Senior Advisor
Sales and Technical Support, industrual minerals

Phone +358 9 6220 5533

Mobile phone +358 400 318 148
Languages Finnish, Swedish, English, German

During his leisure time, Lasse enjoys the peacefulness of the archipelago, plays badminton and golf or sits down to sing accompanied by a guitar.

Contact: Bentonite, ceramic, paper, electronic and chemical industries.

Juha Levander
Technical Support, foundries

Phone +358 9 6220 5555
Mobile phone +358 50 566 4353
Languages Finnish, Swedish, English, German

As his father, Juha is also a real foundryman. With a M.Sc. in Metallurgy he has worked in foundries over a mere ten years having an extensive experience of this field.

Contact: Finnish foundries, moulding process, metallurgy and melting of metals, refractories

Galina Kemppinen
Export Manager

Phone +358 9 6220 5568
Mobile phone +358 400 569 211
Languages Finnish, Russian, English

The energy package of our office, who is in charge of the contacts to our offices in Russia and Ukraine and our russian speaking customers.

Contact: Russian speaking customers and export to Russia, the and the Baltic States 

Carl-Johan Nybergh
Senior Advisor, foundry processes

Phone +358 9 6220 5522
Mobile phone +358 400 500 197
Languages Finnish, Swedish, English, German

Carl is the “Grand Old Man” of foundries. With a remarkable knowledge of foundry technology and production processes, he finds the solution to the toughest challenges. On his leisure time you will probably find him playing badminton or riding his MTB in the beautiful woods of southern Finland.

Contact: Technical advisor, foundries in Russia

Annika Nyström

Phone +358 9 6220 5577
Mobile phone +358 40 530 3609
Languages Finnish, Swedish, English, German

Thanks to Annika our products arrive at the right time either to our warehouse or directly to the customer. Annika loves badminton as do many others at our office.

Contact: Logistics, import and direct customer deliveries

Olga Huovila
Accounting and payments

Phone +358 9 6220 5599

Olga is by far our most precise colleague, which is rather ok as she is dealing with the money.

Contact: Accounting and payments

Marjo Vilén
Orders and invoicing

Phone +358 9 6220 5588
Languages Finnish, Swedish, English, German

Marjo shines like the sun and  helps in all matters.

Contact: Import, orders and invoicing


Tomi Pohja
Warehouse Manager

Phone +358 9 854 3401
Languages Finnish, English

Tomi enjoys a life between the warehouse and the ice hockey rink.

Contact: Warehouse and pick-up from the warehouse

Juice Muttilainen
Artistic Director

Phone +358 9 854 3401
Languages Finnish, English

Juice drives the forklift with the same attitude as he plays his guitar – the products are delivered to our customers in a convincing way.

Contact: Warehouse and pick-up from the warehouse